3/30 Recap Balcony Drift Clinic

Balcony Drift Clinics and the freshbloods! It was great showing the ropes! The event started with a ~2 hr beginner session doing donuts and figure eights. As the drivers improved in skill and confidence, we encouraged the drivers to the advance layout and the big entry!

Tip on Big Entry
The big entry can be challenging. This is one simple way to do the big entry.
1. enter on the top of 2nd gear
2. Manji technique (aka scandinavian flick); turn left toward the apex, then right away from the track, then left again.
3. During the transition let off the gas which grips the front tires and swings you to the other side
4. Apply throttle to continue out of the drift. (think goldilocks: too much gas will spin you out, too little gas will under-steer or grip up your tires).
5. practice makes perfect