5/3 Recap Balcony Drift Clinic

Good job Slide Family! There were many talented drivers and everyone was able to progress to the advance layout around the green building!

Tip on Big Entry
There are many ways and styles to drift, the simplest way to drift the big entry is to:
  1. to start the big entry in 2nd gear
  2. manji technique (aka scandinavian flick
    1. flick Left/Right/Left; doing a quick 1,2,3 count on each turn. Many drivers would wait too long in between the turn
    2. maintain the same speed of about 45mph+. Many drivers let go or add gas during the manji-ing
  3. during the transition let off the gas which grips the front tires and swings you to the other side.
  4. I personally stab the gas after the transition and then do about 10-20% throttle to maintain the slide. (Think goldilocks: too much gas will spin you out, too little gas will under-steer or grip up your tires).
  5. practice makes perfect
Post event stuff
  • Photos are up! Wow! They are always so awesome and thanks to Juan for the fast turn around time. Hit up Juan if you want a customized photo session.
  • Where to get cheap tires.
    • As a beginner just learning to drift, any use tire would do. As you progress, you will eventually want gripper tires (Federal RSR or RSRR) in the fronts and a decent tire (Federal 595) in the rear. Used tires can be found for $20-25 mounted w/o balance.
      • M. Perforamance Tires
        • 950 Brown St, Santa Ana, CA 92701
        • (714) 805-4979
      • Andy’s Tires & Wheel
        • 3518, 709 W Holt Ave, Pomona, CA 91768
        • (909) 622-7773
  • Looking for a drift specific shop?
    • I’ve been working with Rome for many years. He is competing in Formula Drift Pro2, won TopDrift and Drift League. He is very knowledgeable with drift car setups, builds/fixes cars, does custom cages/door bars/bash bars etc.
      • Imagine Garage
      • 858-333-2194
      • IG: @imaginegarage
      • image.png