Driver Prep

Seat adjustment:

– First, put your butt all the way back in your seat, so that there is no gap between your lower back and seat.
– Depress the clutch and gas pedal. Are you able to push both all the way down without any strain at all? If not, adjust the seat position (forward and backward only) as needed
– Next, “straighten” the back of the seat, so that you’re sitting fairly straight, and the side bolsters on the back of the seat are supporting your torso; the FRS/BRZ seats are spectacular in this aspect. Now both your lower back and your upper back should be touching the seat. Adjust or flip the headrest around if its getting in the way.
– Adjusted properly, you’ll probably never change this seating position for seat driving, because you don’t get any fatigue!


– Get plenty of rest the night before, especially if you are driving to the track the day of!
– Take caffeinated beverages of choice as necessary.

Track Day Checklist


  1. Safety
    • helmet/sock (Recommend SNELL SA2010+)
    • racing gloves
  2. Maintenance
    • floor jack (Harbor freight makes some very affordable ones)
      • jack stands
    • torque wrench
    • impact sockets (your size, most common 14, 17, 19, 21)
    • tire pump (Walmart)
    • duct tape/masking tape (tape ebrake button)
    • oil 1 quart
    • work gloves
    • tire gauge
    • micro fiber towels (Costco)
    • multitool (leatherman, swiss army knife, etc)
  3. Car Prep
    • full tank of gas
    • take out spare
  4. Comfort
    • chair
    • EZ up tent
    • hat
    • sunscreen
    • lunch
    • cooler
    • coffee/energy drinks
    • paper towels
  5. Extra
    • cordless impact
      • extra battery
    • small spray bottle of quick detailer

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Credit: CSG Mike

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